Hungary’s New Constitution Making Waves in Europe

Hungary’s Ambassador to the Holy See is rather perplexed by the negative reaction of some European figures and institutions to his country’s new Constitution — a document he sees as offering a possible impetus to a “Christian renaissance” in Europe.

“We think it’s a little bit strange to hear such voices,” Ambassador Gábor Győriványi told ZENIT March 27th. “The real founding fathers of the European Union planned to base the Union on Christian values, and expressed the notion that European democracy can only be viable if constructed on the Christian basis.”

The preamble of the new Constitution, or “Fundamental Law,” which came into force Jan. 1, contains references to God, Christianity, and traditional family values. It further stipulates that the life of a fetus be protected from the moment of conception (abortion remains legal, however, in cases where the mother’s health is threatened).

The Constitution states that it recognizes the role of Christianity “in preserving nationhood”; it requires that marriage only be between a man and a woman; it assigns parents, rather than the State, primary responsibility for protecting the rights of the child; and it holds that “the family and the nation constitute the principal framework of our coexistence.”

In sum, it marks a refreshing change in stark contrast to a Europe suffering from increasing secularism and a European Union that only a few years ago tried to push through its own Constitution, which conspicuously omitted references to God or Christianity. It also points to the positive contribution some former Eastern bloc countries could make to the spiritual well-being of the continent….

And yet the new law, drafted by the ruling centre-right Fidesz party and its coalition partner, the Christian Democratic People’s Party, has drawn hyperbolic criticisms both domestically and internationally. Often these attacks are driven by liberals, greens, socialists and secularists – particularly in the European Parliament – who have labelled some of the Constitution’s laws “extremist,” hard line and a threat to democracy…(Source)

Looks like Hungary will not be made a Colony of the European Union.  Good for them. Obviously this country isn’t afraid of displaying its Christian heritage. As Canucks, we need to get some of that Hungarian in us!

One thought on “Hungary’s New Constitution Making Waves in Europe

  1. Isten ald meg a Magyart! God Bless the Hungarians! Their national anthem is the only anthem that asks God to forgive their past sins.

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