Humans are touchy-feely

Unborn babies want to socialize as early as week 18 of gestation, a study of twins has shown.

The Italian researchers used an advanced method of ultrasonography, which enables the movements of foetuses to be recorded over time in 3D. The aim was to see how five pairs of twins interacted with each other in their mothers’ wombs.

The first 20-minute recording sessions taken during week 14 of pregnancy, showed the foetuses touching each other as well as themselves, and the uterine wall.

During the second recording, four weeks later, their interest in their twin was some three times higher, with almost 30 per cent of movements directed towards the sibling. Those movements were also more accurate then self-directed ones, the researchers reported in PLoS ONE magazine.

The changes were quite consistent among the ten foetuses studied. The authors believe this indicates that humans are “wired to be social”, and our interest in communication comes naturally as the neural system matures. (Source)

Gives a whole new perspective to not only those people who favour the destruction of one of the twins in so-called ‘reduction’ techniques, but the whole God-damned pro-abortion movement as well.

3 thoughts on “Humans are touchy-feely

  1. Concerned citizen’s as you know John can get together with verifiable evidence, good science and reverse bad Legislation and evil Supreme Court Law. The late professor’s Tom Landers , Walter Szetela and friend’s showed us exactly how this is to be done in 2008. We gathered volunteer’s of concerned citizens and money and with large numbers of people informed the rotters In Parliament and The Supreme Court Of Canada who voted in Bad Legislation and Law, that we will not stand still and let Canadian Children be legally abused by Sex trafficrer’s and pedophiles.

    After the Second World War the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal indicted ten Nazi leaders for encouraging and compelling abortions, which it considered a crime against humanity.

    Dr.Bernard Nathanson has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt with verifiable science, and fantastic technology that abortion is the murder of children in the warmth of their mother’s wombs. These children need our protection instead of capital Punishment. If enough concerned people wanted passionately to actually do something about this as we did in 2008 they could.

    Now Burnaby Douglas NDP, MP Bill Siksay’s, Transgendered Bathroom Bill, has passed Parliament and is before the Senate. If enough citizens were upset with Parliament for passing this Bill, and told their Senators that this Bill was bad legislation as it puts Canadian Women and Children at risk in Canadian Bathrooms, our Senator’s might kill this Bill in The Senate. Burnaby Douglas NDP, MP, Bill Siksay’s, Bill C-389 The Transgendered Bathroom Bill will add the terms Gender Identity and Gender Expression to The Canadian Human Rights Act. This will allow men to gain “legal” access by “right” to use woman’s bathrooms, there by providing the legitimized access that sexual predators desire. This puts Canadian women and children at risk by Legislation and Law. Please get hold of your Senator’s to kill Bill C 389 in the Senate .

  2. If we belong to Christ we must protect Canadian women and children from bad legislation becoming Canadian Law. A vigil needs to be kept for those who do mischief as a way of life. Please contact your Senators to stop Bill C-389 from becoming Canadian Law , as this Bill adds Gender Identity and Gender Expression to The Canadian Human Rights Act. This allows legal access by right for men to use woman’s bathrooms. This legitimized access is what sexual predators desire.

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