Humanae Vitae 2006 Conference Attendee Appointed Archbishop of Montreal!

MONTREAL, Quebec, March 20, 2012 ( –Pope Benedict XVI has appointed a new bishop to head the Archdiocese of Montreal who brings with him a strong reputation as an advocate for life and family.

Msgr. Christian Lepine, Archbishop-elect of Montreal

Archbishop-elect Christian Lepine, 60, who was ordained Auxiliary Bishop for Montreal on September 10th, 2011, will succeed Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte as head of Canada’s second largest Catholic diocese, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops announced Tuesday morning.

Lepine is known to pro-life and pro-family advocates for having attended pro-life conferences and shown support for reparative therapy for those experiencing unwanted homosexual attractions.

Georges Buscemi, head of Campagne Québec-Vie, the provincial division of Campaign Life Coalition, welcomed the appointment, calling Lepine a “faithful and humble man” who is “very learned.” “I look forward to working with this new bishop to build a culture of life in Montreal and in Quebec at large,” said the pro-life activist.

The Archdiocese of Montréal is Canada’s second largest Archdiocese, with 214 parishes and missions and a Catholic population of 1,494,132, according to the CCCB. It is served by 440 diocesan priests, 572 priests who are members of religious communities, 3,678 Religious Sisters and Brothers, 96 permanent deacons and 105 lay pastoral assistants.

Here’s an inside scoop for all Socon or Bust readers.  Archbishop-elect Christian Lepine was one of the few priests who attended The Rosarium’s Humanae Vitae – A New Beginning Conference in 2006.  He was the only priest from Quebec to come.  I found him a very humble and truly Christ-like man, but not someone who was going to be snowjobed or flattered.  A kind of “quiet steel” is how I would describe his spiritual constitution.  I thought to myself when I met him six years ago, “there’s something about this man that is going to be significant“.  And look at what’s just happened.  And for some reason, he said to me (and for some reason I remember it):  “you’re going to be someone to watch in the years to come” or something along those lines.


Vive le Québec.  Because BIG changes are coming.

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