3 thoughts on “Human Rights Travesty

  1. Can’t disagree with very much in that rant though, I imagine we’d have plenty to disagree with assuming the “Godless Comedian” takes on the Vatican and Catholicism with the same vigor and rigor.

  2. Ah, confirmed – his own website opens with the message, “Hi, I’, Pat Condell. I don’t respect your beliefs and I don’t care if you’re offended. Cheers.” and the page ends with an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with a word bubble that reads, “I endorse everything on this website.”

  3. Thanks Owen.

    The video does make some good points.

    But as your comments about his website illustrate, this fellow doesn’t understand the responsibility that comes with freedom of speech. Sure, he has the “right” to offend people (legally speaking) but there’s no good in offending just for the sake of offending. There has to be a constructive purpose, otherwise it’s just cheap shots. The Koran burning incident was a great example. It was perfectly legal to burn the Koran, but just not a bright idea. I’d say the same about his Sacred Heart caption.

    In a democracy, you certainly have the right to offend people. But if you do it indiscriminately, you’re bound to disrupt social harmony and get a bloody nose at some point. In a civilized society, offending someone isn’t something to be taken lightly. It must be driven by the quest for a greater good.

    If you corner him, I suspect that Mr. Condell would concede this point because he seems like a reasonable and rational guy. But it doesn’t show from his website.

    Freedom of speech isn’t a game. We use it as mature and respectful adults.

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