Human Rights Thugs Starting To Back Off

It’s amazing what the internet can do to the self-righteous and self-proclaimed “human rights” industry.  I think they are sensing that their conduct will not be tolerated any longer. That’s why every significant case since Ezra Levant’s smackdown last year has gone our way since.  They know, as we all do, that the next example of human rights thuggery in suppressing free speech is only going to hasten their demise.  So they need to stick handle very carefully from now on.

Here are two more examples of peeling back: here and here

3 thoughts on “Human Rights Thugs Starting To Back Off

  1. Excellent news, for both Mr. Kempling here in BC. It is notable that Dr. Kempling is no longer with the College of Teachers.

    I’d encourage all Christians who want to be teachers to follow his route and teach privately while avoiding membership in the BC College of Teachers.

  2. Professor of Biological Science Michael J. Behe and author of ,” The Edge of Evolution”, does very well staying and being a fearless christian university professor. He taught one of my favorite surgeons. The ones with the drive to stay ought to stay where they are called to stay, and the others to go also to where they are called to go. I would have been in enemy territory if not for Professor Tom Landers and others, and I would have believed that I was one of Darwin’s so-called lower races, because after all it was science as taught in our university textbooks. Tom taught me that this was scientific racism and not true, but one must put in the textbook answer to pass.

  3. Remember Darwin’s so-called lower races were only given the vote here in Canada in 1947, but many of those who were #1 in the pictures in our science books depicting six human races and six simian species, allegedly showing the proximity of the lowest humans to simians don’t remember this time in our history. Once Darwinian Humanism gets in power through our universities and allows no other worldview any other ism can gain popularity and use the laws in place to do anything they want too.

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