Canada’s Hall of Shame: What the HRC Museum Should Really Show

March 5, 2008 ( – REAL Women was immensely relieved to learn that the controversial Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg, the inspiration of former business and media mogul Izzy Asper, has a new Advisory Board. The former Advisory Board, selected by the former Liberal government, consisted mainly of feminist, homosexual and also old Liberal stand-bys, such as a former Liberal Prime Minister John Turner, former Liberal MPs, Cabinet Ministers and some Senators. The museum was intended to be a monument to former Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his Charter of Rights.

Therefore, REAL Women is urging Canadians to provide input into the museum as soon as possible in order to offset any bias that may be included in it. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights web site provides different options for the public to provide input into the museum here. (

I got just the subject:  the mass slaughter of UNBORN BABIES in Canada. In particular, the display will showcase how Canada has been one of the greatest abusers of human rights in the history of the world both nationally and internationally on the question of respecting the humanity of the unborn child.  You can call the display the “Hall of Shame”.  There won’t be a lot of pompous Canadian star chamber arrogance around that display but there will be a somber reminder of THE TRUTH.

One thought on “Canada’s Hall of Shame: What the HRC Museum Should Really Show

  1. Canada’s silent holocaust.

    The darwinian humanist judges, politicians and liberal-minded citizens that have been “educated” in our politically correct relativistic, darwinian humanist schools and universities have pronounced the death sentence on “innocent unborn children” by saying that they are not human untill after they are born. This one has been burned alive inside the mothers womb.

    Please leave this picture up as it tells the story no-one wants to hear.

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