Human Rights Night

I went to the Candlelight Vigil tonight with my daughter in honour of the 100,000+ unborn children who are mercilessly slaughtered in Canada every year.  Mostly, the event is attended by the high school kids who come to the March every year (not from Ottawa, of course. The OSCB is too busy plugging Wee day or something).  It was a very inspiring and uplifting event.  I heard a couple of interesting things while I was there…..

1)  Apparently there’s gonna be a pro-abort March too, tomorrow. Starts at 1PM at Sparks and Elgin.  Not sure where the pro-aborts are going to march precisely since uh…Elgin Street is along our route.  The Pro-Life March begins at Parliament Hill and then takes Elgin Street which will pass Sparks Street.  Not sure if their march has been approved, but one would kind of hope that the angry and bare-breasted bimbos aren’t too drunk this year to figure out that their march had better be going in the opposite direction from ours. But we shall see.   We live in interesting times.  No doubt the media will be all over it.  I can see the headline now, “Protestors on both sides of the abortion debate blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….”  Equal coverage when we have 200 times their numbers. You watch. That’s the angle the pro-abort media is going to take because corruption is what corruption does.

2) Heard a very inspiring story of an English man who was visiting Ottawa a few years back and came out to a 40 Days for Life vigil.  Turns out he was so inspired by it, he launched it in Great Britain and then throughout Europe and other parts of the world.  Now, doesn’t that make us Ottawa pro-lifers exceedingly proud to be part of that in a small way?  Sometimes you just don’t know the effect you can have. Even if you can’t see it in your part of the world, a small silent witness can start a revolution across the ocean in lands far, far away.  I get goose bumps just thinking about it.

3) Going to my first Mass during the March for Life.  Never had a chance to go to one in the past because we typically hosted out-of-town friends.  This year, it will be my first one….even though I go to it with a stone in my shoe…considering that our Catholic episcopal leadership on life issues is abysmally below grade. Vowed and stammered never to go to one, but in the end, for good or ill, the bishops are what they are and God has placed them there, so Socon or Bust ties the rope around his waste and skedaddles the mule.

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2 thoughts on “Human Rights Night

  1. It does say a lot that EWTN can have complete live coverage of the march, while the Canadian Catholic channel … nothing, not live, not tape delayed, not even a highlights package.

  2. @Cdn Catholic: that’s a funny statement “a Canadian Catholic channel” – what we have is a dissenting, spirit of Vatican II, liberal MSM channel – I long ago gave up on this channel after the CEO, who is friends with all the biggies in the church including the Pope and never fails to mention same, interviewed a notorious dissenter Gregory Baum and stated he longed admired him..we have no true Catholic channel in and my family will continue to support EWTN

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