Human Rights Commission To Rule on Toilet Procedures

A Meaford transgendered woman alleges she was humiliated when a female security guard escorted her out of a women’s washroom at Casino Rama.Carol Ann Kotsopoulos, 38, who been undergoing the sex change process for 2 1 /2 years, is taking action against Casino Rama over the alleged treatment she endured on March 27, 2008.

Kotsopoulos has filed a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, where she is waiting for a mediation session with Casino Rama and an adjudicator. It will take place in the fall at the earliest.

“I almost tried to commit suicide by taking pills. They humiliated me,” said Kotsopoulos in an interview with Sun Media yesterday.

According to Kotsopoulos, she and her roommate, Glenda Killby, were in the women’s washroom when a female security guard shouted at Kotsopoulos, who was sitting inside a closed stall.

“She asked me, ‘Are you a woman or a man?'” said Kotsopoulos. “I told her I’m a transgendered woman. Do you want to look? I joked with her.

“Then, she said, ‘You cannot use this washroom, you’ll have to use the unisex washroom.’ She said she was called there due to a complaint by another patron, a third party,” said Kotsopoulos. “There is no unisex washroom that I have ever seen there.”

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