Human Rights Commissions: Fomenters of Hatred

Ottawa, June 17, 2008) – The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) has launched a comprehensive policy review of how best to address hate messages on the Internet. Leading constitutional law expert Professor Richard Moon of the University of Windsor will conduct an independent study as an important part of this review.Speaking today to the Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies (CASHRA), CHRC Chief Commissioner Jennifer Lynch, Q.C. said, “The current debate on how to balance freedom of expression with the need to protect Canadians from hate messages in the Internet age is an important one. We are confident that this review will provide insight into the issues and move the discourse one step further.”….(Source)

The CHRC’s lead investigator, Dean Steacy, believes that freedom of speech is an American concept and places no value in it.  It’s going to be interesting to see how the CHRC is going to reprogram its employees to understand what free speech is about. I’m not sure where they are going to find “balance” since they have no foundation or hermeneutic to draw upon.  For a purely secular state, free speech is either completely free or it’s not.  It’s as simple as that. There’s no “balancing” to take place. 

The irony in this whole fiasco is certainly apparent to everyone.  The CHRC and its bastard children at the provincial levels exist, in part, to prevent and punish “hate crimes”.  Section 13 of the CHRA tells Canadians that their speech is subject CHRC review and is therefore not free. There might very well be a price attached to it.  Yet, far from stamping out “hatred”, the HRC Star Chambers have only fueled resentment, contempt, and authentic hatred towards not only their tactics and even their very existence, but also towards the Islamicists and the “Official Jews” who head the “Official Jewish Organizations”.  Did anyone even know about Bernie Farber or Khurrum Awan before the attacks against Maclean’s Magazine and The Western Standard started?  And since then, has the climate in Canada been more respectful or more suspicious of the powerful minority interests they represent?  Whatever side we fall on in the debate over free speech, one would be hard pressed to argue that the HRCs, their outrageous tactics, and their dismissive comments have not done more to fan the flames of contempt and hatred than thousands of obscure and wacky hate websites could ever do.

On balance, the CHRC has done more to foment hatred in Canada than the sum total off all hate crimes ever committed on this soil.  That’s quite an accomplishment and indictment at the same time.  It shows, once again, that government has no business regulating that which is an inherent right of a free people.

The CHRC should get the hell out of speech control and stop trying to salvage their already battered reputation by calling on an academic to uphold their farcical mandate.  Anything less than a total repudiation of Section 13 will not satisfy anyone. They should stop wasting any more of our money to tell us something we will not accept anyway.  Or, if by some miracle Mr. Moon gets it right, we certainly don’t need an ivory tower academic to tell us we have the right to speak our minds.  Only a presumptuous clique like the CHRC would think an academic’s opinion on this issue would make any difference.

5 thoughts on “Human Rights Commissions: Fomenters of Hatred

  1. Our Christian academics that don’t have tenure get into deep trouble for their worldview in this pagan culture. We need these academics in our universities to inform our citizens as to what these universities are teaching our society. We say that real hatred is wrong and false accusations of hatred are too easy by our Courts and Human Rights Commissions with their evolving society and living tree interpretation of Canadian law to use to censor, fine and punish true and factual opinions that these courts discriminate against. Instead of a justice system we end up with an injustice system. Our so-called justice system discriminates against truth, common sence and facts. This hatred by our Courts and Human Rights Commissions is wrong.

  2. You are dead on.

    No one knew or really cared until the Marxist/Stalinist tactics began to be used against main stream media/press, groups and individuals. Consider “Lucy” and “Serentity now” as prime examples.

    Lynch cannot salvage her reputation nor any image of fairness or relevance in any of the HRCs for as with Andrechuk in Alberta – they all appear to be clones or “mini-mes” with max negative attitudes and inflated egos.

    It can only be resolved by firing them all and starting over – an RCMP investigation of the bunch/gang would be an added bonus to discover how deep the rot and corruption really is.

  3. The R.C.M.P. is a part of our criminal justice system. They as well as our Crown Prosecutors and Judges also are educated in our Pagan education establishments. Our Canada has thus become Pagan. Just like our Christian professors without tenure get turfed for their just worldview, so do our R.C.M.P. etc. The worldview that controls the education establishments thus controls our culture.

  4. I wrote earlier today that it is time for Christians and Jews to return to their religious pleaces of worship and ADVOCATE there to have the Canadian governments of all descriptions/levels stop equating Christian theology with “hate speech.”

    On the other hand, I look forward to the day when the MORALLY AND ETHICALLY SUPERIOR United States of America passes legislation to allow Canadian religious refugees “escapin” religious persecution in Canada into the USofA.

    THAT will look GOOD on Canuckistan!

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