Human Rights Commissions: Fronts for the Attack on Western Culture

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 10, 2008 ( – The U.S. has officially distanced itself from the U.N.’s Human Rights Council (HRC) over its “pathetic” record of protecting human rights.Sean McCormack, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, told reporters in Washington that Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice “has taken the decision that we will engage the Human Rights Council really only when we believe that there are matters of deep national interest before the council, and we feel compelled.””Our skepticism regarding the function of the council on human rights in terms of fulfilling its mandate and its mission is well-known. It has a rather pathetic record in that regard,” McCormack said.

McCormack specifically attacked the council for failing to address serious human rights issues, and instead focusing almost solely on the issue of Israel.

“Instead of focusing on some of the real and deep human rights issues around the world, it has really turned into a forum that seems to be almost solely focused on bashing Israel,” McCormack said Friday.

“And, as a result, we’re going to choose more selectively how and when we engage the council,” he said.

The 47-member council, which has a long history of anti-life and anti-family activism, was formed in 2006 after the UN’s previous human rights body, the Geneva-based Human Rights Commission, was disbanded amidst criticism that it had come under the control of a bloc of countries well known for serious human rights abuses.

The United States opposed the establishment of the Council from the beginning. At the time of its inception ambassador to the UN, David Bolton, said the US wanted stronger assurances that countries known for human rights violations would be barred. The UN General Assembly, however, then went on to elect China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Cuba and various other well-known human rights violators to sit on the new Human Rights Council

That’s kind of the case in Canada too.  Like China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Cuba, we attack political opponents through these Star Chambers.  It seems that anywhere you go in the world today, these International Star Chambers are filled with liberal hacks intent on destroying the last vestiges of Western Culture.

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