Huge Sex Abuse Scandal in Ireland, Scant Media Coverage

An advocacy group in Ireland has announced that it conducted a survey in which 18% of respondents claimed that their doctors “behaved inappropriately” – including “sexual abuse” – during medical treatments.

The scale of sexual abuse by medical practitioners against patients could be far worse than scandals that rocked the Catholic Church, it was claimed yesterday.

So begins an article today (Wed., 3/7/12) on this matter in the Irish Examiner.

The Examiner reports that an organization named Dignity 4 Patients is calling for a government inquiry into the apparent widespread sexual abuse of patients by doctors.

Bernadette Sullivan, the group’s executive director, is quoted in the article:

“The scale of numbers a doctor can abuse, as compared to a priest, are huge,” said the former nurse-turned-whistleblower.

Ms. Sullivan also challenged why her group does not receive the same level of financial support as groups who support abuse victims in other areas of society.

“To fail to provide adequate funding to Dignity 4 Patients is to further discriminate, marginalise and neglect patient victims,” Sullivan told the Examiner. “This in itself is abuse.”

Well, it sure seems Sullivan was smart to raise her group’s profile by connecting her issue to abuse in the Catholic Church! That is how you get the media’s attention! (Source)

If it doesn’t involve the Catholic Church, the MSM is not interested in reporting about sexual abuse. 

It’s a private issue, you see, between a woman and her doctor.

Not that this is a big surprise, mind you.  But it does bears repeating for the dumb and dumber who are so inclined to still believe the mainstream media is “fair and balanced”.

The lowest, lowest place in hell is reserved for journalists of the MSM.

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