HRCs help fuel hatred by suppressing our freedoms

During part 3 of his inTerrorgation, Ezra stated the obvious about the animosity, distain and, yes, even hatred that many in the West feel towards Islamicist aggression. This animosity and suspicion is not fueled by a silly cartoon, but rather by the murderous and terrorist actions of this movement.

It’s radical Muslims who blow things up, who torch my Synagogue, who file nuissance lawsuits. They are the ones who make people hate Muslims. (1:15-1:27)

This is the kind of video that comes out of a reaction to the murderous assaults on innocent people and, to a lesser extent, an attack on our freedoms. If we want to avoid what this will lead to, then we must stand up for our inalienable rights and not let them be suppressed by HRCs which will only fuel the contempt. Caveat Emptor.

Warning: vulgar language used.

One thought on “HRCs help fuel hatred by suppressing our freedoms

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