HRC Tax on Speech

If you read some of the Leftist defenses of the human blights commissions in this country – and yes there are indeed some people who do defend them – their big argument is to ensure that offensiveness and hatred are minimized.  Someone, they tell us, could get really, really hurt.

In their jackboot march to ensure that we all just get along, it has not occurred to them that the process by which they apply their coercion and totalitarianism is itself making victims of the accused:  Time, money, lost reputation to the respondent in question and a general poisoning of the trust and respect Canadians should have for the rule of law.  It’s not exactly a shocker to learn that Leftists don’t mind if these particular kinds of “hurts” are inflicted, provided, of course, that it is not inflicted on the protected classes, which really only goes to show that they are not interested in promoting peace, harmony, and the common good among all Canadians, but only enforcing  their political victimhoodmania against their political opponents.  It has also failed to dawn on them that, far from minimizing “hurt feelings” and “hatred for the oppressed”, they are only adding fuel to the fire.  Any middle-grade moron can clearly see this, except of course Leftists who are clearly not at the middle grade just yet.

Like any good and industrious socialist gulag functionary, the Leftist has devised a great way of stifling certain undesirable acts by essentially taxing things they want to discourage.   Well, in the same vein, government functionaries have found another yet undesirable and messy thing they want to discourage too:  free speech.  And so, like the premium tax they put on tobacco, a new tax on Canadians has been effectively levied:

The HRC Tax on Free Speech

The good news for new thought and speech functionaries and their shills is that, unlike the tax on smokes, this tax does not apply to them or the specified protected classes.

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