HRC Commissars order Prayers to Stop

Quebec’s human rights commission has asked the city of Saguenay to stop praying before council meetings.

The commission says the prayer goes against the city’s obligation as a public entity to remain neutral on questions of religion, and violates religious freedom.

The advisory follows a 2006 ruling involving Laval, Que., that found such prayers infringe individual rights.

The commission says in a news release that it won’t push the case to a costly tribunal because of the clear precedent set in 2006 with the Laval case.

Two Saguenay residents complained to the commission about the prayer.

The city’s mayor, Jean Tremblay, has been an outspoken defender of Quebec’s Roman Catholic roots, and said he has no intention of cancelling the prayer.

According to him, the commission’s ruling is not binding, but rather a recommendation from a certain perspective.

“I know they prefer me to stop, but I won’t do that,” he told CBC News. “For me, God is much more important than the commission. When I arrive on the other side, maybe in 10 years, 20 years, I don’t know, they won’t ask me if I follow the commission, they will ask me if I follow God.

“And I follow God.”

The 30-second prayer addresses all religions, and keeping it is a matter of respect, Tremblay said.

Saguenay is one of a handful of Quebec municipalities that have such prayers at the start of meetings. (Source)

A few points here:

Why did the CBC not report that the decision by the Quebec HRC made the ruling without bringing it before a tribunal?  Why did they omit reporting this fact?

Why is it an offense to pray before Council meetings yet not an offense to rip away hundreds of years of embedded tradition from a Christian culture? 

Why are militant atheistic thugs which comprise a fraction of the population able to dictate how another person expresses their faith before serving the public?

One thought on “HRC Commissars order Prayers to Stop

  1. Government is interfering in all the wrong places and is inactive in all the right ones. Rather than supporting death, it should support life and prayer. Rather than defend perverse behavior, it should support families and babies. The child is unprotected, marriage is redefined, but we need laws that reward virtue and protect us from the harmful effects of vice. The government is abdicating its role as supporter of virtue and is limiting the freedoms of those who espose it, while expanding the freedoms of those who pervert it. We need to advocate for a reversal of these roles in order to protect ourselves our families and children from those wanting to harm them.

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