One thought on “HPV Doll

  1. What kind Western democracy would teach love without meaning( Kinsey Sex Education) and murder without guilt (Abortion) perversion to it’s most precious and impressionable children, as a way of life? What kind of people who call themselves Christians would support, and elect politicians and Political Parties who have rotten policies and pass evil bad Bills into Law when they are elected?
    In a former Christian Democracy in Government, Law, and Education the citizens of today’s Politically Correct Democracy are still responsible and accountable politically for the laws of our land.
    In 2008 the majority of our citizens united to change rotten Supreme Court of Canada law and evil Legislation, therefore they can to be organized to change this evil too. As the Christian Lawyer once said evil prospers when people who think they are good do nothing. In a democracy it is up to the voting citizens to promote wholesome political laws.

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