How’s it goin’?

We’re already well passed the one-third point of Lent. This is a good time to take stock of how your Lent is going. Lent is an especially opportune time to reconsider aspects of our life that are not Christ-like. The last thing you want is a stagnant spiritual life. We all need to grow. If you’re not making progress on any front, it’s still not too late. This would be a good time to reboot your Lent.

Pick one aspect of your life where you know that you fall short. Just one. Then do two things:

  1. Pray for grace to grow in this aspect of your life.
  2. Do violence to yourself to implement whatever changes are required in your life to make it happen.

God won’t do all the work for you, but neither can you do it all by yourself. You need both grace and self-determination. Prayer is the easiest part of the equation. Much harder is to force ourself to change. Show some grit, some backbone.

One quick tip regarding prayer. Never let your prayer time be a simple mumbling of words. Before you start praying, take a few moments to realize that God is present inside you. Be aware of Him, of His proximity, of His caring love. He’s been waiting all day for this moment of prayer time to be with you.

Your prayer time will come alive and you’ll experience a deeper encounter with God if you’re in a state of consciousness of His presence and are actually speaking to Someone rather than just saying words.

Give it a shot. It has worked wonders for me. You won’t regret it.

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