How to Normalize Pedophilia

1) The first step, of course, is to create a different name for it …one that will hopefully make it sound more attractive and a positive trait. Hey, let’s call pedophiles “minor-attracted persons”! Then complain how the old word demonizes the poor, afflicted “minor-attracted person.”

2) Next, you try to mislead the psychiatric field into taking pedophilia off the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders).

3) Once pedophilia is taken off the DSM, you can use that fact to have child abuse laws nullified, most likely through sympathetic courts.

At the same time, you use Hollywood to have pedophiles— er, the ”minor-attracted” — made sympathetic, decent and often admirable people. The best way is to start off with featuring them in comedies, where their kinky desires are the springboard of light, indulgent jokes, interspersed with the occasional drama documenting their suffering at the hands of the religious and intolerant.

The outline I’ve given above is almost exactly the same strategy pursued by gay activists to push us in the space of forty years from having irregularly-enforced sodomy laws to six states legalizing gay “marriages”. Except that we’re no longer discussing supposedly mature, informed and consenting adults.  (Source – on 2nd page)

We’re so damn stupid and stoned on “gender and social justice” issues that we’ll buy it.

Civil disorder and societal breakdown is coming, folks.  Once the perverts have the law on their side, it’s open season on everyone’s children.

Remember, you can thank the Winnipeg Statement for providing the foundation for all of this perversity.  And our bishops are so clueless that they refuse to acknowledge the extent of their betrayal.  For them, this is all just politics.  They do not comprehend the extent of how they’ve betrayed Jesus….in refusing to get serious about sexual sin.  God have mercy on their souls.

Next week, Socon or Bust is going to shoot back and expose the lies, and it will be free of charge for anyone who wants to be challenged with the truth.

One woman that I met recently told me it turned her life around, and was the catalyst for bringing her back to the Catholic Faith.

Monday morning. 7AM sharp. Be here for the goodies.

2 thoughts on “How to Normalize Pedophilia

  1. In the Netherlands, the Dutch Paedika: The Journal of Pedophilia, an advocacy publication is highly recommended by many Dutch Politically Correct .

    In Canada many PC thinkers know the corrupt values they are teaching our children in public school class-rooms, while others are selectively ignorant.

    I do not want to see A Canadian Journal of Pedophilia selling in Canadian stores, but with the laws Politically Correct Canadian Governments are making anything can happen.

    In a democracy the laws of a Nation reflect the character of the voting citizens, as laws are made by Bills passed by elected politicians, in our Legislatures and Parliament.

    Rome crumbled morally from the inside out. What is Politically Correct Relativism by decree and enforcement doing to Europe and Western Civilization today? The New Religion of Politically Correct Relativism by Government decree and Court enforcement is non-sense. In a democracy the future is in the hands of our voting citizens.

  2. “…the same strategy pursued by gay activists” should read “the same strategy pursued by homosexual activists”. Using the word “gay” eliminates a lot of the explicit connotations of the wor “homosexual”. This plays right into the homosexual intention of normalizing homosexuality. As you mention, the first strategy is to find a less offensive word for it. Let’s not fall prey to that deception. We know what homosexuals do and it’s downright disgusting. Yuck!!!!

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