Les Faux Amis: How the Bishops Betrayed Us….Again.

An Orthodox friend of mine sent me this about the recent Supreme Court ruling on parental rights in education….

By the way,  I don’t know if you’ve read the Supreme Court ruling of last week but paragraph 51 contains a key piece of information.  It is within the unanimous part of the ruling, and states in essence that the lower court’s judge concluded that the ERC could not have an impact on parents’ ability to pass on their religion to their children, because the bishops of Quebec did not oppose the program.  In essence, parents are losing the right to control their children’s education, in part because these bishops didn’t object.  Here’s the quote:

The trial judge acknowledged that the parents were Catholics and that they believed they had an obligation to pass on their faith to their children.  Having gotten to that stage, he did not consider the program’s content or its impact on the alleged belief.  In substance, he held instead that the parents were wrong to believe that the program’s objectives interfered with the fulfilment of  religious obligations toward their children.  He relied mainly on the opinion of a theologian who served as an expert for the respondents and on the fact that the  Assemblée des évêques catholiques du Québec was not opposed to the objectives of the ERC Program.”

May God grant our bishops and all Christian people the courage to stand up and speak out when faith is at stake.

Indeed, even now after the Supreme Court has ruled essentially how the Quebec bishops wanted, the bishops are rather proud of the betrayal, pitting them against families and Rome’s well known objection to the relativistic heresy that the bishops of Quebec have practically and pastorally adopted.  Here is their response to the Supreme Court’s decision which is posted on their website:

The Supreme Court has just declared that the course of Ethics and Religious Culture does not infringe the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  In 2008, after having repeatedly expressed our preference for an option between a regime of religious education and moral instruction without a religious dimension, we noted the decision of the Quebec government to implement a single price for all – the course Ethics and religious Culture – and we recognized the value of its major goals: the recognition of others and the pursuit of the common good.  We believe that all young people need appropriate training to be able to appreciate the place of religion – especially Catholicism – in the history and current culture of Quebec. This course can contribute to the extent that it respects freedom of conscience of young people and their parents and where he has many different religious traditions. It is against this background that the Assembly of Quebec Catholic Bishops continue to maintain an attitude of openness and caution, and [being] critical and vigilant.

So while the Quebec bishops are maintaining an attitude of “openness and caution”, the secularist thugs in other parts of the country are seizing on their betrayal to justify State intrusion in what we can teach our children in our own homes.  As an aside, let everyone clearly understand what this means:  while Alberta’s directive is aimed, in part, at homeschoolers, it would also, by definition, include any instruction by any parent who chooses to impart their values to their children – whether they homeschool or not.  Because “schooling” your children is not merely a 9-3pm job as everyone knows.  The breadth and depth of this kind of legislation is alarming for any parent, but for some reason the Quebec bishops have refused to accept Rome’s direction; refused to listen to the concerns of Catholic parents; refused their own religious heritage, but also refused to forsee the obvious weapon this would become in the hands of the Church’s enemies, although these days, admittedly, many Catholic parents are wondering just whose side the bishops are batting for.  The proverbial “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” is very relevant.

And the CCCB, of course, issued their useless disclaimer on their website:

Because education in Canada is under provincial and territorial responsibility, it is the Catholic Bishops of each province or territory who respond to questions regarding their specific educational systems. All Bishops across the country will be carefully studying the decision today by the Supreme Court of Canada in the “Drummondville parents’ case”. If the Bishops decide the ruling may raise questions that extend beyond provincial responsibilities, they will discuss any such concerns at their regional episcopal assemblies and possibly also at the meetings of their national assembly, which is the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. (Source)

So more discussions and study of how the bishops betrayed us again and sold us down the river.  Does anyone really believe you will hear a condemnation from the nation’s bishops?  Of course not.  They’re not going to publicly contradict the active and proud participation of their brothers in the Faith from Quebec, now, are they? More study, reflection, recycling and renewal are needed on this question, you see.

When you’ve gone through the whole gamut of emotions from concern, to frustration, to anger, to desperation, to exasperation, to resignation, to numbness and disbelief, there’s not many other places to go, except maybe two places:  either desolation or separation.  It’s hard to believe how the Quebec and Canadian bishops could have possibly topped the betrayal of Humanae Vitae, but gosh darn it!  they succeeded in spades!  This betrayal of the Canadian family and our inalienable rights to teach our children comes very close to doing it.

I’m not sure about you, folks, but, for me, confession of religion actually means something and so does putting myself and my family under the pastoral authority of another man who is supposed to be our spiritual father in the Church.  When these unconscionable betrayals continue to happen again and again and again, then we are ultimately faced with the question of whether our Faith means anything more than an intellectual assent.  I am speaking here on a practical, pastoral level.  When the bishops say to donate to Development & Peace when we know there are still massive problems with it, should we donate?  When the bishops say, “Don’t worry, we’re the custodians of Catholic education and we’ll protect your children from harm“, what knowledgeable Catholic father today would believe them?  When the Bishops allow dissenting theologians to instruct the Faithful time and time again, what does it say about their own faith?  When the Catholic bishops refuse to discipline errant priests and permit such priests to sue Catholic laity for telling the truth, what confidence can we have in them? And when, bishops and Archdiocesan bureaucrats take the side of a practicing Lesbian over its own faithful priests, has not the kite string been cut, for all intents and purposes?   And on and on and on and on it goes.

We’re coming to the point where extraordinary measures need to be taken by the laity to preserve our faith.  The whole edifice has begun to fall apart to such an extent that we are teetering on the brink of meaninglessness where our Faith, if we are to follow the bishops’ leadership, fails to exist in real life and exists in our heads only.  We’re against abortion and sodomy but our donations keep going to the pro-abort thugs in the Global South via the Church’s official development and aid agency, while our kids are taught garbage in religion class and porn in our schools under the auspices of “sex education”.

I can tell you quite plainly, as a father, that I will not permit any such episcopal “leadership” to be my guiding light.  So what does that make me?  A “dissenter”?  A “schismatic”?  If I refuse any pastoral guidance from these men (and for very good and sound reasons), would anyone say I am less than Catholic? Would I be sinning not to obey them?

From what I can see right now, if not formally, then practically, many of us have suspended these bishops from having any practical oversight over us whatsoever.  We simply cannot and do not trust them.

To trust the Canadian bishops today and what they recommend for us and for our children could very well be putting our salvation and the salvation of others at risk.  That is the sad reality in the Catholic Church today in this country.

The shortest sentence in the bible is found in John 11:35:  “Jesus wept.”  But today, He’s absolutely sobbing because we have pufters for shepherds and have been cut loose to fend for ourselves.  In 10 years, most of them will be retired from their office, but their disastrous legacy over the past 40 years has yet to be paid by future Catholics. One day the blood of our grandchildren or great-grandchildren will spill in holding fast to the Faith.  Little do the bishops realize that their absent (and even false) teaching is sharpening the sword which will cause that blood to flow.

What a disgrace for which an accounting will have to be made one day, with all of the just consequences that come with it.  Please pray that our bishops repent of their cheap betrayals and lead us the way men of Christ should.  That, or, for the sake of our children, retire early.

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