In the U.S., covering contraception is a sin. In Canada, it’s par for the course and Bob’s your uncle.

For forty-four years far too many bishops have treated Humanae Vitae like the skunk at the parish Social Justice Picnic. So faithful Catholics cannot be blamed for being pleasantly surprised that our shepherds have finally drawn the line in the sand on the issue. We’ve been praying for this for years.

The second reason: while they have not been teaching Humanae Vitae, the USCCB and its staff have been adrift in the dark waters of “Social Justice” — browbeating, dividing, and alienating the laity with partisan politics, advocating a raft of personal agendas from amnesty to welfare, even supporting legislation that contains half a billion for contraceptives in “foreign aid.” [This is not to say that they’ve put all this behind them: on the First Friday of February, the USCCB called on Catholics to fast and pray about “food insecurity and climate change.”]… (Source)

I see the contraceptive chickens are coming home to roost in the U.S.  It’s amazing to me how surprised the bishops can be at such a “sudden” change of fortunes under Obama.  Just how clueless and cowardly could a group of men have been all these years?  Will they finally wake up now that the Church’s ability to function is now under attack?  Will they put something on the line….or is it just more diplomatic baloney?  Either way, God is going to sort out the treachery of Church leadership.  He’s going to fix it real good and He’s going to use Obama to do it.

Here in Canada, the Winnipeg Statement has castrated the Church.  She’s near dead, and walking around like Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense.  Here in Canada the chickens have been roosting for a generation.

In Canada, catholic dioceses and institutions aren’t shy about offering the Pill or the morning after pill to their employees as part of their insurance coverage.” (Source)

The story goes on to say that the “conservative” diocese of Toronto’s insurance doesn’t cover these “services”, but that Montreal’s insurance does. In that latter diocese, the Monsignor in charge of financial matters said, “We never discussed not covering contraception; we didn’t want to interpose oursevles between women and their doctors“. The article then explains that in Quebec institutions are forced by law to cover these services, whereas in Ontario, private insurance need not cover these services.  But even so, the CCCB (located, of course, in Ottawa) apparently also provides contraception and the morning after pill to its employee insurance coverage: 

Les évêques québécois, eux, magasinent en commun leur régime d’assurance médicaments. «Les plans privés au Québec doivent être au moins aussi complets que l’assurance médicaments publique», explique Jean-Jacques Martin, responsable des finances à l’archevêché de Montréal. «Mais on n’a jamais discuté de la possibilité d’exclure la contraception. On ne veut pas entrer dans la relation entre le médecin et la patiente.» La pilule du lendemain est aussi couverte si elle est prescrite par un médecin.

Même son de cloche à la Conférence des évêques catholiques du Canada, dont les bureaux sont pourtant à Ottawa, dans une province où certains régimes d’assurance médicaments excluent certains médicaments, comme la contraception, pour diminuer les coûts. Selon l’Association des compagnies d’assurances de personnes, la plupart des plans à l’extérieur du Québec couvrent la contraception.

The story ends with this interesting tidbit:  OECTA (the Ontario catholic teachers union), buffeted as it is by calls to orthodoxy, refused to say whether their insurance covered contraception and the morning after pill…

Sodom.  That’s what we’ve become.

4 thoughts on “In the U.S., covering contraception is a sin. In Canada, it’s par for the course and Bob’s your uncle.

  1. So basically Catholic Dioceses are covering contraception and even the morning-after abortifacient pill? Perhaps someone should contact the Holy See about this.

  2. I’m a Yankee. If I have to obey anyone, it is my elected officials and not some appointed bishop who doesn’t want to pay his insurance premium. Neither do I.

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