How a Jew saved Christians

Anyone remotely familiar with the history of the assault on freedom of speech and religion in this country knows well what George Orwell was talking about when he wrote, “some animals are more equal than others”.  Indeed, if we were to isolate the various minorities in this country who have been on the receiving end of the jackboot, Christians would undoubtedly be first on the list.  The foot in this jackboot belongs, of course, to the thugs who occupy the chairs at the Human Rights Commissions who seek to police speech and thought in this country, and to levy fines and penalties when the putative offender has crossed the politically correct line that some star chamber commissar has drawn with his crayon.

For years – nay decades – Christians and conservatives have watched these thugs use the politically correct mantra of the day to arbitrarily convict and muzzle opinions that their sensitive ears do not tolerate – like some snotty-nosed bully in a school yard who refuses to share the playground.  Businesses have been mortgaged or forced to shut down, religious organizations have been told to prostitute their premises in order to accommodate sexual perversions, clergy have been intimidated into abandoning their religion’s sacred teaching, and many individuals have been silenced, forced to apologize, and impoverished – all under the unelected, frequently unqualified, pseudo-Judge Judy Jackboots of these sick star chamber rip offs.

And all the while, we Christians have suffered these parasites of democracy and freedom as they stripped our dignity and inalienable rights to practice our faith in the country that our forefathers built, sacrificed and bled for. It is loathsome to think that those who now pass their fascist decrees in these star chambers do so over the caskets of our fathers who died to ensure they would never do so.  The petition that I started some time ago calling for the immediate suspension of the Star Chamber has attracted an outpouring of indignation and outrage towards the powers these tribunals yield. I was particularly struck by this one:

I am appalled that my freedoms have come down to this. My father fought in the second world war. I have many times witnessed him reminding people that thank him for his service, “you have lost more freedoms than before I went to fight.” Today these words sadly have more meaning than ever. How sad that we are letting our country down but more importantly our veterans down with these deplorable HR Commissions.

Indeed, how very sad it is — or at least — was. 

Because the light is now beginning to dawn thanks to a lawyer from the West.  Not a Christian but a Jew.  And not just any Jew, but a Jew who took no bull and gave no quarter to a corrupt and totalitarian establishment hungry for a free man’s submission, a false tolerance, and a vapid apology to appease the unappeasable. A Jew that has exposed the rot of these commissions and made the Star Chamber inTerrorgator look like she was a clueless high school valley girl taking instructions from a learned university professor.  In more than one instance, he came to the defense of  Rev. Stephen Boisson for his Christian views: 

I do not seek to be excused from this complaint because I meet your test of reasonableness or Laurie Andreachuck, the thug from Lethbridge who convicted a Christian pastor for having Christian views. She’s a thug. You’re a thug. Your whole company is a thug. I do not seek to convince you because to do so means that I grant you some moral authority. (0:40 – 1:05)

But make no mistake: what was on trial here was not Ezra Levant or even the rights of Canadians to free speech, but the Star Tribunal itself, as Levant methodically, systematically, and thoroughly ripped apart every pretension of legitimacy and moral authority it professed to hold.  Ezra Levant did in 90 minutes what would have taken us years, if not decades, to accomplish in eroding the confidence Canadians have in these speech torture chambers. 

Mr. Levant, on behalf of myself and my family and millions of Canadians and all freedom-loving citizens of the world, I thank you, I salute you, I embrace you, sir, for having the courage, the conviction, and resilience to speak the words that just might bring us Christians succor and relief from these fascists and thugs.

God Bless You and the Country you defended on that day, January 11, 2008.

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