Hope Still Lives…Even in a Culture of Abortion

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I had an abortion 10 days ago. I want to go back and stop myself from doing it. The trauma is unbearable. I want to put the baby back in my belly so bad. I am in such grief it is killing me. I hate myself. I can’t sleep because the dreams are to real. I’m ashamed and feel like I should sit in jail for murder. I have been drinking and taking pills just to cope and numb myself. I wish I could go back. I am certain god will not forgive me. I have no purpose anymore. none.

– Anonymous



Listen carefully to me. What you did was wrong. There’s no point in sugar-coating that. BUT. And please pay attention to the “BUT”: But all hope is not lost. There is forgiveness and hope for you. Christ promised forgiveness to all those who seek Him through faith and seek to amend their lives. There are also groups of women who have gone through abortions and offer counselling and support.

Please do not despair. Christ still loves you. Turn to Him now and begin the journey of healing and restoration and redemption.


John Pacheco

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