Honourable Mention in the Globe

This past Saturday’s Globe & Mail (Sat. Sept.23, F6-F7) featured a fair and balanced column by free-lance writer, Christopher Dreher. It was a full two-page spread on social conservatism’s jump into the political arena entitled, “In Ottawa, faith makes a leap to the right“.

Social Conservatives United got a nod of recognition as one of the up-and-coming social conservative organizations in Canada too, thank you very much.

Apart from the usual kind of commentary from various leaders across the country, I found this little fact quite interesting:

“…the Toronto based Campaign Life Coalition’s newspaper hit a circulation of 30,000 after almost two decades; after putting Webportal, LifeSite.net online in 1997, it now gets 20,000,000 page views per month (not all, of course, from Canada).”

I know this is hard for the dumb and dumber in the media echelons to get, but the brutal fact is that the Left is dying and so is the circulation for those media outlets who cater to them. It’s called the Roe Effect – named after the infamous Roe v. Wade decision in the States. The idea behind it is that Liberals abort or have a token child for cosmetic purposes, while Conservatives believe it’s their God-given duty to have many children for King and Country. Ergo, in a generation, the Liberals will be wiped out. And only we’ll be around. I love it.

Anyways….the Globe & Mail is forever phoning me to buy a subscription. Other times I have to trudge through Loblaws so I can see a poor fellow trying to push a free copy of that rag on the next unsuspecting customer.

“Would you like a free copy of the Globe & Mail, sir?”

“No, thanks. I have plenty of toilet paper at home.”

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