Homosexual activist laments those pesky social conservatives

LifeSiteNews.com published a review of the book Losing Control, written by gay activist Tom Warner.  Overall, he seems pleased that society is abandoning Christian values and is headed to the gutter.  Yet, he concedes that the “victory” of the left is fragile:

Mr. Warner, however, is not too confident that the present secular changes are here to stay, due to a substantial portion of Canadians who have formed a counter movement of social conservatism.  The latter he describes as “one of the most prolific and visible movements of the past four decades in Canada”.

Warner goes on to say that, “Despite the many defeats and setbacks suffered over the last couple of decades, social conservatism in Canada is neither dying nor beaten.  It has survived with astonishing resilience and tenacity.”  Defeats in fact “have spiked their determination to restore Judeo-Christian religious beliefs and moral values as the bedrock of Canada’s laws and public policy.” He says that the enactment of the legislation recognizing same-sex marriage and the many perceived assaults on religious freedom by the courts and Human Rights Commission, have galvanized social conservatives anew. (Source)

That’s right, baby.  We ain’t goin’ away.  Ever.

Hang in there, team, we’re doing good.  We have to think long term.  Let’s be honest with ourselves: the victory isn’t for tomorrow.  This is a marathon, not a 100-metre sprint.  Some of us may not be alive when it happens.  But it will happen.  Christ himself has assured it.

It will be said on that day,
Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, so that he might save us.
This is the Lord for whom we have waited;
let us be glad and rejoice in his salvation.
For the hand of the Lord will rest on this mountain.
(Isaiah 25, 9-10)

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