Homoheresy by the Homomafia

Dear God.

It’s worse than even I thought.  You can’t write this stuff up.  It makes The Da Vinci Code look like light weight history (not the sad fiction it is), but of course, you will never see such a (true) story made into a Hollywood movie. 

Benedict XVI’s move to resign takes on even more significance in light of this article.  He has made a spiritual “chess” move against the Mafia which has caught them totally off guard.

I catch myself sometimes trying to check my impressions against wild conspiracy theories, but this particular conspiracy theory has the long, sad evidence to back it up.

A few years ago, during the D&P saga, I was so disoriented with the Canadian Church’s response to the Development & Peace abortion scandal, I felt like just drifting away into despair and checking myself into a padded cell for Advanced Basket Weaving .   I then figured out that there is no sanctuary within the Catholic Church, no “us” vs. “them”.  The “us” is the “them”.  The enemy wants us to leave, to be disgusted, to give into despair.  Get out! Get out!  Save your dignity and pride.  It’s a trick, of course, because there’s no where to go other than the one true Church of Jesus Christ.  You can only do one thing, and that’s to fight to the very bitter end and leave your pride and self-pity at the door.

There is no barque other than Peter’s barque that will survive this torrent.  And there is no other mantle than Our Lady’s who will protect us through this storm.   That’s a fact, and while we are being gored by the bull right now, we can all take comfort that when the bull is finished destroying everything in the China shop, he’s going to have to face the Rock on which Jesus built his Church, and he’s going to destroy himself in trying to destroy that which is unbreakable.  I am preparing myself, day by day, to let go of any attachment to this world in order to be an effective witness to Jesus Christ when the time of open persecution comes.  I suggest you all do the same.  The less attachments we have the more courage God will grant us.

Do not be afraid.  The Angels are calling our names.

2 thoughts on “Homoheresy by the Homomafia

  1. The Dog is a regular poster on a pro-life site and he/she/it constantly mocks the Church and is vehemently Pro-Death.Take whatever it says with a boatload of salt.

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