3 thoughts on “Homoheresies alive and well in CanChurch

  1. Welcome to our world here in The Diocese of London.
    I could spend hours telling horrible stories of the crap that has gone on here and that continues to go on. We have a serious case of lack of .alls as far as our leadership goes in this diocese. I have witnessed it first hand and have been through hell the last couple of years as I have been involved in a Catholic Men’s conference in the diocese that has brought in solid Catholic Speakers in to deliver the Faith. This hasn’t gone over well with the so called catholic leaders here. We are in some serious trouble with no end in sight. There is many of us who are going to fight through this. Please pray for us!!!

  2. Dear Chris I will add your request to my prayer intentions. Don’t give in don’t let them get you down. The Lord will be faithful if we remain faithful.

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