Homeopathy a scam of the devil

I pointed out a few posts ago, how Love One Another Magazine was one of the best Catholic magazines going.

I greatly encourage all Socon or Bust  readers to take out a subscription.  It’s the medicine that will help you keep your faith in a Church full of dissent and virtual apostasy.

One of the articles which I read over a year ago has been posted online. My eldest daughter was getting treatment with homeopathy for a skin condition.

We stopped after reading this article.

Don’t get sucker-punched by the Devil under the guise of authentic medicine.  And don’t be afraid to call out the devil for his incantations.

One thought on “Homeopathy a scam of the devil

  1. I’ve also had some creepy feelings around certain homeopathic “remedies,” and generally stay away from these. Part of the problem, as you attest, is the invocation of occult forces upon these “meds” for nefarious purposes. I believe this is also true of psych meds, but that’s another thread (I think Fr. John Corapi mentioned this somewhere as well). It’s interesting to note that after JD Rockefeller had most of the US homeopathic doctor-training colleges discredited in favour of promoting allopathic training colleges (for MDs) and their chemical based cures (manufactured by the likes of Nazi IG Farben and friends), he kept a homeopath on retainer for his own health concerns. I don’t see why the homeopathic principle of stimulating the body’s own resistance through an extremely diluted antigen wouldn’t be effective in stimulating the body’s defenses. The problem is that the smoke of Satan has entered not only the Church, but the whole mainstream and alternative health care industries (along with many other industries). Ultimately, whole, unadulterated food is the best medicine. The Weston Price Foundation is the best place I’ve found for reliable information about healing through food.

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