One thought on “Homecoming after deployment

  1. I don’t give the USA that long if he’s re-elected. Way I see it, if they don’t get riod of him in 2012 there won’t BE a 2016. The whole Western world will collapse, and re-emerge as part of a one world government structure, which itself will collapse in short-and bloody- order.
    If he wins, i expect this to play out over 1-2 years.
    This election is that crucial. Even if the GOP wins, that will only slow the inevitable down… UNLESS we see a massive revival and repentance among the people. as long as they keep not only tolerating but celebrating sin, any economic tweaking is just putting a band aid on a severed artery. We cannot go on as a society where unmarried sex is portrayed as normal and good on TV, where homosexuality is put on a pedestal, and where selfism , violence and hedonism is everywhere. Even the saints can’t keep their minds pure except by the Holy spirit in such an atmosphere. If Obama wins, 1-2 years… If the GOP wins without revival , 10-20. Tops.

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