Home-schoolers denied asylum

The parents, Andrea and Gerno, decide to home-school their children on religious grounds, believing the German state education was socialist and conflicted with their strong Christian beliefs.

…After fighting with education officials in Germany – including receiving more than $6000 in fines – the family came to New Zealand in 2008 on temporary visas.

They now live in Waipu, Northland, where Mr Schoeneich works as a school teacher.

In appealing for refugee status, they claimed their two youngest children would be “completely devastated” if they were forced to enrol in state schools in Germany.

If they were deported, the two older children would struggle to find work and the family would not be able to obtain accommodation, because “home schoolers” were discriminated against, they claimed.

But in a decision released this week, the Immigration and Protection Tribunal rejected these arguments.

There was little evidence to support claims of hardship and it was highly unlikely they would be imprisoned, the tribunal found. It pointed out: “There is no right at international law to home schooling.”… (Source)

And there you have it folks.  Everything is ass-backwards.  Instead of the State supporting parents and their rights, it’s in reverse. We all serve and bow to the State.  ‘Cause big brother knows what’s good for you.

The nightmare continues.


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