As trick-or-treaters dig out their witch costumes, cut scowling faces into pumpkins and hone their apple-bobbing skills, young Catholic parishioners throughout Italy are preparing for “Holyween.” Instead of dressing up as black cats or zombies, young faithful from some 30 Italian cities will spend October 31 hanging pictures of saints from their windows and balconies to celebrate the eve of All Saint’s Day. “We’re not against Halloween as such, it’s just that we celebrate All Saint’s Day and want to share it with other young people,” said Sara Bidinost, 23, a student from the Sentinels of the Morning group behind the initiative. “We’ll be hanging images of saints from the front of churches and gathering in the streets… last year it was great fun, people were fairly curious about what we were doing,” she added….read the rest here.

Yep. My family has ditched Halloween too.  Here’s last year’s version.

This year is looking even better. I’m gonna dress up too!

One thought on “Holyween

  1. I think that ditching Halloween is a good place to start in the battle against the culture of death. When we celebrate Halloween, we are calling on the forces of darkness. I may be ridiculed for saying that, but I still think it’s true. I work in an office, and what do you think is a popular “costume”? Dressing up as priests, and even as Jesus himself. What do you think is a popular pastime? Mocking Jesus, the eucharist and priests. So please, let us all ditch Halloween and take up Holyween.

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