3 thoughts on “Holy Mother Russia: Aid to Persecuted Christians

  1. I am glad to read the article and am rather surprised it appeared on the insufferably arrogant Ibrahim blog. Usually Ibrahim, a shill for Trotskyite and Zionist David Horowitz, excells in publishing inflammatory propaganda but in this case has done a real service.

    It is indeed good to see Russia emerging from the rubble – even while America slowly turns into a despotism.

  2. We are now living in some kind of Alice in Wonderland world where Russia is the good guy and the “West” is the villain. Russian recognizes the mortal danger to society that the normalization of homosexuality represents and passes measured laws to protect themselves. The “West” engages in a hell bent for leather promotion of perversion. Russia acts to help persecuted Christians in the Middle East while the “West” provides weapons to islamists that are used to kill Christians. Let’s hear it for Vladamir Putin!

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