Holy Father: Absurd as some of us are, we on the Catholic right are not your enemy.

Right on:

We are not living in fascist Argentina. The Culture of Death does not answer to men like General Galtieri, but to the likes of George Soros and Barack Obama. The bitterest traditionalists are not serving as tools of a grasping government which seeks to impose an anti-Christian ideology. Angry conservatives are not the cat’s paws of a potent political movement that seeks to marginalize the Church. The mass murder occurring throughout the West is not happening with the connivance of the Catholic right, but of the Catholic left, which pretends a moral equivalence between fundamental issues like abortion and prudential disputes over poverty programs and immigration totals, as a pretext for supporting candidates who oppose the natural law and the sanctity of life.

One thought on “Holy Father: Absurd as some of us are, we on the Catholic right are not your enemy.

  1. The guy makes some good points. I wonder, however, if the analogy to the early Roman Christians is misleading in today’s context. Nowadays, trads are outflanked *within* the Church by liberals who are more active in social justice apostolates and speak more of God’s mercy, even to the point of presumption and denying that anyone gets damned. When compared side by side, that makes the liberals look like the compassionate ones while trads seem more negative, mostly identified by what we oppose (abortion, SSM, etc). The media feeds this stereotype.

    The authors’s point is still well taken in that +++Francis should be able to see beyond this stereotypical simplification. But +++Francis’ point is also insightful because the world buys into this stereotype and becomes repulsed by trads. Maybe we’ll need to clean up the inside of the Church before we can gain much traction in evangelizing.

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