Holier Than Thou Witch Hunters

Though I might repost this message which was originally posted to one of my entries: 

These government flunkies don’t have a clue of how the real world works. And that lofty title, “Investigator” self-branded on some of these flunkies shows you how narcissistic they’ve become. They truly believe in their little world that they’re actually “investigating”. It’s more like harassment.

Our family had been abused by our BC HRC – by their attempts to support a phony complainant.

After creating heartaches – contributing to the demise of our small mom and pop shop, and the death of our loving dad … we’ve still not received an apology for their stupidity and harassment. What is even more telling is how the BCHRC conveniently overlooked (covered up?) their own racist slip ups made by one of their own during the “investigator’s” efforts to twist her story into something they felt favourable. And did we cry “Racism!?” No. We did not scrape down to their low level.

All I can say is that the sooner we rid ourselves of these holier than thou witch hunters, the better our Canada will be. It is so sad to see how pathetic our great Nation has slithered down to…

People are sick and tired of watching and phrasing every word for fear of offending some thin skinned opportunist waiting to shout “victim!”

And no thanks to their myopic interpretation of “fairness”… the Human Wrongs commission probably triggered me to start up my blog – the Ugly Chinese Canadian.

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