Holding the Hierarchy Accountable to the Gospel

Organizers of an ongoing protest against a hospital accused of performing abortions, which has links to the Archdiocese of Barcelona, say they will proceed tomorrow with their monthly demonstration despite claims that orders have been given to end the deadly procedure at the facility.

According to the newspaper ABC, a spokesman for the archdiocese says that the board of directors has given the order to stop the abortions, which were first reported in 2010.  The statement is the first time the archdiocese has broken its silence over the matter.

Fr. Ballester told LifeSiteNews that “the leadership of the Sant Pau Hospital is very annoyed by our demonstration each 25th in front of its doors and the march that follows. The thing has become very extensively known and is hurting their reputation.”

“This is the great hypocrisy: abortion is free and is a right, but its practice continues to be shameful even for the doctors themselves,” he added. (Source)

And that is what it’s going to take:  humiliation.  Humilation not only for the hospital but also for the Church hierarchy.

It was the same thing that has happened with Development & PeaceRemember our planned protest outside of the Diocesan Center here in Ottawa?  To his credit, the Archbishop acted, but not all bishops of Canada are like +Prendergast. 

Don’t kid yourselves, folks.  A major reason why the Canadian hierarchy is finally moving against Development & Peace is that they are humiliated into doing so…and for no other reason at all.   The constant pressure from bloggers and independent news organizations are forcing their hand.  Does anyone really believe they’d actually do their jobs if we weren’t there with the fire stick under their feet, holding them accountable to what they profess? 

There’s a lot of pride and arrogance among the Catholic hierarchy around the world, not to mention quiet dissent against the teachings of the Church.   Humiliation is a wonderful balm against pride.

The other day, I was talking to a friend of mine who is a father of eight children. I asked him if he trusted the Canadian bishops’ judgement in any area,  pastoral or doctrinal.  He told me that he didn’t trust them at all.  And it’s not hard to see why.  In any area of concern:  liturgy, social justice, education, sexual morality, etc. etc.,  you can’t trust them.  That’s why our poor Holy Father issued Summorum Pontificum on the liturgical issue, basically allowing a priest to celebrate the Latin Mass without the consent of the local bishop because of the obstruction Rome was enduring from them.  And as for social justice?  Going on three years and Development and Peace pro-abort partner propaganda is still not fixed.  Catholic Education?  Approved Sodomy Clubs, and milksop, relativized religious instruction in Catholic schools, not to mention the scandalous attire of young ladies whose skirts are so short they can be mistaken for a belt.

By their own disgraceful conduct and laxity, the bishops have now only paper authority with many faithful Catholics because they have separated themselves from seriously upholding the Catholic faith, and because of that no Catholic can blindly follow their vapid assurances about the Catholicity of “social justice” or “Catholic” education or virtually any issue out there, except the obvious.   And, please, please, pleasedon’t shoot the messenger because he tells you the truth.  Instead, confront the truth and deal with it.

Just because you might see “Catholic” on a school wall or in front of a social justice agency name means diddly squat today.  And whose fault is that?  It might not be the fault of the bishops that our schools are now little more than junior sex clubs (and even that, to be honest, is a highly generous and charitable assessment of their role in the demise of Catholic education), but it certainly is their fault if they permit the name Catholic to be associated with the new rainbow program. Their job is to protect the Catholic identity, not to be everyone’s sugar daddy or yes man politician.

Your children are too important to be subject to the “gender identity” social experimentation permitted by cowardly bishops.  What decent father would let their children be subject to homosexualist indoctrination?  Would you?  There are many Catholic fathers that would shed their own blood before they would allow their children to be subject to sodomy sensitivity sessions, but the bishops of Ontario have folded like a cheap deck of cards and permitted it because that “devout Catholic” Dalton McGuinty huffed and puffed at them

That’s the reality. That’s the truth. And if we simply close our eyes and our ears to the reality, we become as negligent and culpable as those who are failing in their responsibility to protect our children.  Fathers!  Don’t shirk your responsibility because the Bishops have shirked theirs!  Fight back and take control!

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