History of Christian Denominations — in One Chart

Check out this really cool chart.  Click to enlarge. The Explanation box on the left explains how each row represents a major denomination, with the name of its founder and a visual representation of its size and period of existence.

Only one denomination starts with Christ as its founder.

One thought on “History of Christian Denominations — in One Chart

  1. Church in The New Testament were parties of persecuted Christians,and not Edifices,Temple buildings etc.,but their bodies were Temples of The Holy Spirit.Our Lord said,tear down this Temple and I will raise it up in three days.When Roman Emperor Constantine became Emperor about the year 307, and he made Christianity his worldview Christians were no longer tormented and murdered for sport,by Government Decree.Now Christians could gather in Buildings called Churches without persecution.Pagan Temples,Priests and Vestal virgins converted to The Emperors Worldview-Religion. Western Civilizations Rulers, and Governments adopted Christianity as their State Sanctioned Worldviews-Religions from varieties of Paganism, and flourished.Things were not perfect,but were slowly getting better.Starting in 1962 Western Civilizations Christian Democracies,Pagan Elites declared Christianity Unconstitutional in Government,Law and Education,and so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism Constitutional with it’s living tree evolving society interpretation of law.When Caesar or Democratic Governments do not sanction Christianity as The State Worldview-Religion,The edifices of worship return to Paganism,because real Christians are Persecuted.Secularism indoctrinates school children into it’s values-tenets using adult school teachers and homosexual etc.,activists.The writing is on the wall,but most Catholics and Protestant Cultists are indoctrinated to believe Secular Christian is not an oxymoron.Today in DEMOCRATIC Secular Pagan lands real Christians are persecuted again,as they were in New Testament times.The West and the majority of it’s leaders have chosen the Worldview of Barabbas over Lord Christ’s and are reaping the consequences.A Seven showed the people a verbal History chart and was stoned to death by the public cheered on by their leaders.

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