Hippie Liberal Bishops…

…are on the way out in England.

If you want an idea of Mgr Egan’s theology, you might like to look here at a talk he gave in 2009, on the authority of Humanae Vitae (in which he argued that its teaching was proclaimed infallibly from the ordinary Magisterium).

Zing.  Humanae Vitae as the mark or orthodoxy – that’s a shocker!

When you’re at the bottom of the barrel, there’s only one place to look and that’s up.

Mixed reviews so far here in Canada.  Nuncio here in Canada needs better intelligence on candidates. 

So far, it’s been a mixed bag.  There is much room for improvement in his selections. 

Rome has to learn to think outside of the box and stop picking candidates that are in the assembly line for promotion. Under that rubric, we’ll always be in the “pastoral solution” gutter.   We need less CEOs and more uncomplicated men devoted to Our Lady.

Why isn’t Fr. Raymond de Souza a bishop?  He should have been made a bishop many years ago…and instead, he’s stuck in Alcatraz.


One thought on “Hippie Liberal Bishops…

  1. I agree it is critical to select worthy, courageous bishops, but it is more important for Catholic Canada to expect the present bishops to teach what Jesus taught through presently employed bishops and priests. This has always been the mandate, but like like calves turned loose in pasture after winter, our bishops kicked up their heels after Vatican II, found no discipline resulting, so have continued to rebel in both large and small ways. They claim various exemptions from universal church rules and the authority to make rules for parishioners that oppose what Pope Benedict teaches. Reforms last November to sit, stand, kneel at appropriate times, for example, are scorned by some bishops and obeyed by others. Our bishop changed things all right, by made his diocese more liberal than anywhere in Canada because people here are not ready to comply.

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