Hippie is vulnerable. End is sooner that I thought.

my boyfriend is a practicing Catholic, an aged, dissolute former altar boy who claims to be praying for me non-stop at top speed, or however urgent, desperate prayers for immortal souls are delivered…

You gave away some intelligence, Hippie. That’s not very smart in this war.¬† Now I can use it. ūüėą

Your boyfriend is a practicing Catholic?¬† Really?¬† Are you supposed to be involved with the enemy like this?¬†¬†There is even more hope for you than I thought.¬† There’s¬†a big hole in your defenses, Hippie, and¬†one which I will be exploiting in the months and years to come (this isn’t¬†minor 30 day committment).

Pay no mind to me or your boyfriend.¬† We’ll get the job done eventually.¬† We’ll even throw in the suffering and pains we endure from time to time¬†to put you on the fast track.¬† The erosion of your¬†current orientation¬†will not even be noticeable…until one day….the helmet just slips right off.

Don’t worry, when you join up with us, we’ll help you in the transition.¬† Maybe you can bring along some of your friends when the helmet doesn’t fit them anymore, either.

Hey, this gets me thinking. I’m going to see if I can recruit a couple of more people for this job.

Don’t forget, now, tonight at 12AM-1AM EST.¬†¬† (Why don’t you join us?¬† Remember that Rosary you were wondering what to do with a couple of years ago.¬† Why don’t you put it to use?)

Two guys praying for you and one of them before the real presence of God Himself?

I’d be feeling pretty special, if I were you.¬† Like maybe you were made for something more than just this passing life.¬† Something almost transcendent…as if your life had some kind of eternal meaning.

Maybe God has a plan for you and for the pro-abort blogosphere in Canada.

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