Hippie is Down

I have not been to Hippie’s site in about 4 months. I see that she has not posted since I last visited.

Apparently, she’s not doing so great.

Please keep her in your prayers as she battles her Depression.  She’s on the wrong side of the truth on all issues of any consequence, but at least she’s not lukewarm…which is a positive sign in some respects. God can work with that.

She’s in my prayers as part of my Adopt-A-Pro-abort campaign.

In case you’re out there, Hippie, I don’t do Monday 12-1 AM any more. It’s too late.  But now I do Tuesday 10-11 PM and Friday 11-12 PM.  You’re first in my prayers.

When the shrinks and lab-coats fail you, there’s one other place to try.  Don’t forget that.

God works through our weaknesses and sicknesses to bring about a greater good….if we accept them.

Ya’ never know, one day the Unrepentant might become Repentant.


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