Hillcam shots through the years show numbers are growing

Folks, you will hear a lot of misinformation by the liberal media about how many people were at the March.  Don’t believe any of the pro-abort hucksters masquerading as objective journalists.  Everyone has an opinion on abortion, and if you belong to the secular media, you can be sure what that opinion will almost assuredly be.  The fact is that Campaign Life actually stands on a narrow street corner and counts in rows of 10 people as they pass by.  That’s as accurate as you are going to get.  As you can see by the HillCam pics below over the past few years, it is clear that our numbers are growing. Notice, the heavier density and wider coverage this year, for instance.

It’s getting bigger every year.  I give it about 5-7 years or even less before we cover the grounds completely and start overflowing on to the streets.  Then the Ottawa police will have a different kind of problem to contend with.  I’ve absolutely no doubt, however, that even if we were to shut down the entire Downtown core, the pro-abort media would be just racing to get the opinions of the bare breasted, pink-horned pro-abort counter protesters that number less than 200 (and that’s being very generous).  It’s all part of their “fairness” fantasy:  25,000 people vs. 200 people.  Same air time in order to keep “balance”.

March for Life  – 2013: 25,000


March for Life – 2012: 19,500


March for Life – 2011: 15,000



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