High Drama at the Vatican and Two Canadian Priest-Heroes

As many Socon or Bust readers know, I have been rather relentless in my criticisms of the episcopacy of the Catholic Church in Canada during the recent Development & Peace controversy.  My criticisms, sometimes very sharp (justifiably so I should add), have extended beyond Development & Peace to the past 40 years of gross negligence regarding the near whole-scale abandonment of Humanae Vitae.   To be fair, however, the de facto apostasy is not limited to Canada. It has infested almost every Western hierarchy, some more than others.  But even where there is almost complete darkness, sometimes a piercing ray of light breaks through the suffocating darkness, illuminating the truth for all to see. 

In the account that follows, you will read about a genuine hero-Cardinal of the Canadian Church, Cardinal Edouard Gagnon, who fought valiantly against the liberalizing elements within the Church in one of the most tumultuous times in Her history. Needless to say, Cardinal Gagnon was a firm and unyielding defender of Humanae Vitae throughout his entire life.  He once wrote: “Humanae Vitae is one of the most important documents in the history of the Church. The opposition to Humanae Vitae came mostly from ‘theologians’ who advanced the pretext that it was difficult for couples to observe the rules of morality in the present circumstances. But it is no more difficult than it was. We were thirteen in my home. We were born in two or three small rooms. Most of our families had more difficulties than anyone has now. Parents had more children and they were happy with the children they had.”  Cardinal Gagnon looked upon the Winnipeg Statement of the Canadian bishops as a true tragedy. He considered those bishops who upheld it to be in schism.

Indeed, the following account is the stuff of movies with high drama at the Vatican and two hero priests from Canada who went through it all.  How blessed we are as Catholic Canadians to have had such important witnesses to the truth.  It brings a sense of honour and pride to the Church in Canada even when we are surrounded by the limp-wristed, and perhaps provides us with that ray of hope needed to overcome the infamy of the Winnipeg Statement.

Click here to read the article.

Click here to learn the identity of the unnamed Canadian Monsignor referred to in Dr. Robert Moynihan`s compelling account above.

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