Hick Journalist of the Year: Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times

…Nevertheless, “after re-reading the NYT’s allegations against the current Pope on the case of the pedophile priest Lawrence Murphy, who abused hundreds of deaf children when he worked at a school in Milwaukee, it is the American newspaper which seems to be in need of some consultants,” the paper opines.

“Behind the accusations,” says Il Foglio’s senior writer Paolo Rodari, “there is a gross translation mistake.”

Rodari reviews how NYT’s Laurie Goodstein reconstructed the events on her March 25 article and concentrates on the correspondence between the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Archbishop Rembert Weakland, then of Milwaukee, his Auxiliary, Bishop Richard Skilba and the Bishop of Superior, Raphael Fliss.

“This is a meeting of crucial importance, because it reveals what path Bertone, on behalf of Ratzinger, decides to take once they know the facts.”

Il Foglio notes that the NYT story provides links to both the English and Italian version of the 1998 meeting, “but it omits to say one thing: the English version is a grossly distorted translation of the Italian, made with ‘Yahoo translator,’ a translation that the Vicar of the diocese, Thomas Brundage, sent to his authority, Bishop Fliss, to help him understand the Italian,” the Italian political paper explains.

According to Il Foglio, Fr. Brundage warned in his letter that “It is a very rough translation and the computer certainly cannot distinguish some of the peculiarities of canon law.”

The computer-generated English version would support the NYT’s allegations against Bertone and Ratzinger, “but that same conclusion is not possible if a correct review of the sources is done, in other words, if (the story) is based in the official text written by the CDF in Italian,” Rodari explains.

“And it is here, in the Italian version, that many important things are said.” “It is explained that either Fr. Murphy gives ‘clear signs of repentance’ or the canonical process will go to the end, including his dismissal from the clerical state.”  “But in the English version used by the NYT, instead, not only are some passages omitted, but frequently the contrary is said,” Rodari writes.

“It is true, Bertone requests to take into consideration Murphy’s frail physical condition, who indeed soon after dies. But he never says that because of such conditions the process should be stopped. He says, and this is omitted in the automated English version, that in order to help Fr. Murphy’s repentance, ‘a period of retreat may be granted,’ otherwise, the measure will be ‘more rigorous,’” the Italian paper states. (Source)

My goodness. First it was discovered that Laurie Goodstein, the author of that error-laden driveby smear of the Pope, got her facts wrong on her central allegation regarding the Vatican’s supposed intervention to stop the canonical trial of Fr. Murphy.  And now we learn what kind of careful and meticulous effort she put into actually researching the story.  

The main stream media has always chided bloggers for their sloppy and pedestrian approach to news reporting. After all, in their smug self -righteousness only the enlightened ones who are “official reporters” of “official news agencies” can be trusted.  Well, this only goes to show that not only are main stream reporters just as sloppy, apparently they are infinitely more so.

For such a great work, Laurie Goodstein and the New York Times, which continues to stand by the story by the way, get Socon or Bust’s2010 Hick Journalist Award” for relying on a Yahoo translation to smear the Pope. 


Clearing Benedict’s Good Name: The New York Times Must Retract Its False Reporting — SIGN THE DEMAND FOR RETRACTION


The New York Times does respond to pressure. It happened before. It can happen again.  This is not a lost cause. Keep praying. Keep up the pressure. Don’t take your eye off the ball!


2 thoughts on “Hick Journalist of the Year: Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times

  1. John, your coverage of the NYT debacle has been awesome. Great job!

    The Globe has been spreading the NYT propaganda too. I bet they wish they broke the “story”.

    Despite her obvious gaffe, Laurie Goodstein is probably in line for a promotion at the NYT for the incredible splash she caused. Meanwhile, the other newspapers are too addicted to anti-Catholicism to bother discrediting the NYT’s credibility and gain market share. Some things are sacred, you know, like Catholic bashing.

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