Hey, Thug!

We’ve got some great news for you!!!  You know how it’s a real drag when you can’t take out your aggression on someone to see it your way? Well, we’ve found a legal loop hole just for you. Yes, indeed, you can slap your woman right upside the head and get rid of that nasty fetus once and for all.  She won’t even know it. You just slip her some of those special drugs the next time you go for a coffee and PRESTO, in a few days, that dangerous little threat will be neutralized then terminated. Things will be back to normal in sexual shangri-la. We can’t have the the b—- staying pregnant on us, can we?  But what’s a fella to do when she won’t see sense?

Besides, look at all those wonderful pro-woman organizations who will stand by your right to manipulate, assault, and abuse your girlfriend when she won’t abort!  Why can’t she see sense like those nice women at the abortion lobbies? I mean, really, can’t we all just learn to accept that a guy’s desires need to be placed above the wishes of some silly pregnant woman?  Why is it that it’s only the feminists who understand it?

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