Liberals responsible for Global Warming

Work by researchers at Michigan State University has shown a correlation between divorce and increasing a family’s “carbon footprint”. The study is based on the theory that more people living in single-unit dwellings use less power and resources than people living alone or in smaller households.The atomization of families results in using more power for transport, light, heat, air conditioning and refrigeration, the big domestic power drains.

The study’s abstract says that in the U.S. in 2005, divorced households spent 46% and 56% more on electricity and water per person than married households. Divorced households in the U.S. could have saved more than 38 million rooms, 73 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, and 627 billion gallons of water in 2005 alone if their resource-use efficiency had been comparable to married households.

“Furthermore, U.S. households that experienced divorce used 42-61% more resources per person than before their dissolution.”

“More households mean more houses,” said Jianguo Liu, professor of fisheries and wildlife ecology and systems modelling at Michigan State. “To build more houses, you need more land, more construction material and more energy.”  (Source)

Ahem.  I made this exact point during the televised Rogers all-candidates debate in the last provincial election.  My dear wife was the one who suggested it to me. Obviously somebody was watching it because now the band wagon has come out of the barn on it. Just remember where you heard it first…er…yes, dear, thanks!

And just to prove my point, here are some of my debate talking points on the environment that I used throughout the election:

 The quickest way to address the issue of climate change is to address the issue of consumption.
 The single largest contributing factor in climate change is the break up of families because they have to run 2 households and that means more consumption which increase the carbon emissions.

Breakdown of a typical person’s carbon footprint:
 Recreation and Leisure – 14%
 Household Building & Furnishing – 9%
 Holiday Flights – 6%
 Private Transport – 10%
 Gas, Oil, Coal – 15%
 Electricity – 12%
 Subtotal 66%
 Other – 34%

 running two homes – more electricity, more water, more heating, more refrigerators, more air conditioner
 less bulk food purchasing leads to more food packaging per household.
 more consumption of everything
 recreation and leisure time is now split between 2 households and increased
 family vehicles used less efficiently; more shuttling the kids around

 Our materialism and consumerism, brought about by the breakdown of the family unit, is fueling the problem with our environment today. And only our recognition of this is going to reverse the trend – not Kyoto and not some other half-baked government program.

• encourage industries to reduce waste through government incentives and, where necessary, through penalties. At the same time, private initiatives for re-using and re-cycling will be encouraged;
• support the use of natural gas fuel, such as methane, which is inherently cleaner than oil, has a higher ignition point, burns better, has a proven safety record, reduces engine wear and greatly reduces pollution to the environment;
• ban, as soon as possible, the production, use, transportation, sale and disposal of “persistent toxic chemicals” which permanently damage the environment, pose an unacceptable health risk and for which no acceptable disposal solution has been found. These chemicals include PCBs, dioxin, CFCs and possibly other chemicals classified as “persistent toxic”;
• waive the provincial sales tax on new vehicles being converted to natural gas, and on the required vehicle conversion equipment;
• promote the usage of natural gas powered vehicles in the employ of Municipalities and all other levels of government;
• convert all coal burning generating stations over to clean coal burning within its first mandate.

1. The primary footprint is a measure of our direct emissions of CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels including domestic energy consumption and transportation (e.g. car and plane).

2. The secondary footprint is a measure of the indirect CO2 emissions from the whole lifecycle of products we use – those associated with their manufacture and eventual breakdown.

All this goes to show that for all their bluster and bull about “global warming”, Leftists are rather not to serious about global warming when they understand the real sacrifices that are required to reduce emissions.  I find it ironic that uninhibited sex and family breakdown are a major cause of global warming.  In other words, it’s the Liberals themselves who are responsible!!!!   Poetic justice.

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