Hey, Ayatollah, Leave The Kids Alone

Today, the Ayatollahs come in all shapes and sizes…most notably the government secular ones who try and force sodomy into the education system.

One thought on “Hey, Ayatollah, Leave The Kids Alone

  1. In 1948 Alfred C. Kinsey’s book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, was published, and in 1953, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.

    Kinsey declared his thesis of “Outlet Sex” science and has since been used in our universities to teach teachers sex education. Liberal-minded Kinsey placed all sexual acts on the same moral, social and biological level whether in or out of marriage, between two people of the same sex or opposite sex, or sex with children, or sex with animals.

    The Kinsey Reports, as they came to be known, provided the Darwinian Humanist Scientific foundation for the sexual revolution.

    In Kinsey’s liberal-minded view, children are sexual from birth, and are fully capable and deserving of sexual relations at any age as are adults, and society should reflect his scientifically validated view by radically altering its moral codes.

    Posthumously Dr.Kinsey has gotten his desire, as school districts are teaching children his sex education as early as kindergarten. Often this so-called sex education is promoted as AIDS awareness education, this sex education systematically strips children of sexual modesty, and ridicules the idea of sexual restraint.

    The justification for this radical departure from traditional sexual morality begins with the Kinsey Reports cited so often in primary and secondary sources used in sex education programs and in teacher’s manuals.

    Why have the citizens surrendered our children, schools and universities to this perverted social engineering?

    We ought to be protecting our children, and electing traditionalist politicians who pass pro-family Bills into law in Parliament, and our Legislatures. Traditionalist politicians when elected in sufficient numbers will keep the judiciary accountable to, by preventing them from making and imposing Laws that harm the citizens.

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