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March 27, 2009

Archbishop Terence Prendergast

Archbishop of Ottawa

Your Grace,

Thank you for your email. 

Time does not permit me to write what I would like at this time. However, I beg you simply to visit the webpages listed below and read them thoroughly and carefully. Click on each link that is provided within each article. It will take you to the source of the information – whether that is D&P’s own document on its partners, the partners’ own websites, or independent third party sources which mention these partners and their views.

If you take the time to read these reports and click on all of the links in the articles which substantiate the charges, you will conclude – as all fair minded people have concluded – that the reporting has been very accurate and fair. There has been no slander as has been falsely stated by D&P or maliciousness as alleged by some bishops.

LifeSite and myself have reported THE FACTS.  You can’t argue the facts. I don’t much care for the rationalization that some bishops are making for D&P’s activities, but at least they don’t seem to be disputing the facts. They implicitly acknowledge them. Indeed, how could they not? It’s all there on the internet for the world to see.

Here are the links:

1) Pro-Abortion/Contraception Groups in Africa Receiving Development and Peace Funding

2) CCODP: More Evidence in Supporting Pro-Abort Groups

3) Hundreds of Thousands in Canadian Lent Collection Money Funding Pro-Abortion Groups in Mexico

Both the reporters at LifeSite and myself are available to meet with you and go through each report, line by line and point by point, if necessary. We’ll go through all of the evidence in every country in both South America and Africa. If you wish, I will collect the evidence for the other continents as well.

We are here at the service of the Church and the Truth. But make no mistake, your Grace:  we will not relent in our reporting or in our petitions to you and your brother bishops until we see this thing through and things are put right. 

And, at this point, the subversive activities of D&P over the last 40 years far outweigh any scandal that such reporting could possibly elicit. Therefore, we are prepared to continue to report on any new revelations as they happen regardless of the consequences to D&P or the reputations of any bishops.  Que sera. Sera.

Please rest assured of our prayers for you and your brother bishops as you confront the truth and have the humility to accept it.

Regards in the Lord,

John Pacheco

p.s. I invite you and your brother bishops to sign our petition page here:

D&P Abortion Scandal Index Page

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