Herd of Caribou outsmarts climate “science”

As reported by Watts Up With That, your best source for straight talk on climate change, it appears that another climate doom-and-gloom prediction has fallen flat.

In 2009, some scientists could no longer find a herd of 200,000+ Caribou from northern Saskatchewan. Their explanation, which was covered by the media, was that the poor beasts had fallen victim to destructive “climate change”.

Last week, the herd was found unharmed. They had simply moved to a different location.

Give credit to the local aboriginals, who knew from the beginning that the animals were not doomed:

While scientists are excited, aboriginal elders are more likely to shrug.

Said Campbell: “When the initial alarm bells were ringing about the Beverly herd disappearing, right away we went in to talk to the communities and they said: ‘No, no, no. These caribou have moved north and we’ve been told by our elders that they do that… Caribou move.”‘ (Source)

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