Henry gets a prize! Feels good about himself.

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – May 28, 2008) – The Canadian Labour Congress today gave Dr. Henri Morgentaler with its highest honour, the Award for Outstanding Service to Humanity, for his contribution to the cause of equality for women.

The Award was presented to Dr. Morgentaler, in front of 2,000 delegates to the CLC’s 25th Constitutional Convention in Toronto Wednesday afternoon.

“This year the Canadian Labour Congress is shining the spotlight on the growing wage gap between men and women and the outrageous actions of a federal Conservative government that has turned the clock back on women’s equality,” said Ken Georgetti, president of the Canadian Labour Congress.

“So it is more than fitting that as we celebrate Dr. Morgentaler’s historic legal victory for women in the Supreme Court of Canada 20 years ago – we honour his amazing contribution to the advancement of human rights, women’s equality, and progressive change,” Georgetti told delegates.

The court’s ruling in 1988 declared the law that prohibited abortion to be unconstitutional, thus confirming women’s reproductive rights.

Georgetti noted that at its Convention in 1988 the CLC had passed a resolution stating that: “Choice is an equality and economic issue affecting women”, and that the labour movement would fight any attempt to roll back the clock including the current attempt to do that by stealth through C-484, a Conservative private member’s bill.

The Canadian Labour Congress, the national voice of the labour movement, represents 3.2 million Canadian workers. The CLC brings together Canada’s national and international unions along with the provincial and territorial federations of labour and 130 district labour councils. Web site: www.canadianlabour.ca.

The Convention, which meets every three years, is the supreme governing body of the Canadian Labour Congress.

Ben Johnson won a gold medal too at the 1992 Seoul Olympics.

2 thoughts on “Henry gets a prize! Feels good about himself.

  1. Population projections according to Statistics Canada.

    Canada’s population is ageing fast and senior citizens would outnumber children in about a decade. The projections show that by 2011 seniors would account for about 25% of the total population and continue to grow.

    The Question I would like to ask my fellow Canadian’s is where have all the babies gone ?

    Only in Godless Politically Correct Relativist Darwinian humanist Canada would the Abortionist past president of the Humanist Association of Canada, and signatory of the ” Humanist Manifesto” be honored by The Canadian Labour Congress. I don’t understand how they could honor a person responsible for the temination of so many potential union members. This says a lot about the morality of Humanist Canada now through our Politacally Correct Relativist Darwinian Humanist education establihments to all of society. After all we all go to school and university where we are educated into hard wired liberal-minded Humanists.

    Why is Canada aborting it’s future?

    Former abortionist Dr. Bernard Nathanson says that real-time Ultrasound, which gives a moving picture of the child in the womb; Electronic Heart Monitoring, which detects fetal heartbeats, Brainwave Monitors, which measure brain activity, Fetoscopy, which allows a physician to actually eyeball the baby, simply astounded him. Such techniques as Cordocentesis even allow medical diagnosis, treatment and surgery in utero.” I finally came to the conviction that this was my patient. This was a person ! This was a change of mind as a result of Fantastic Technology.”

    Dr. Nathanson fastened an Ultrasound Machine to a woman undergoing an abortion, and produced ” SILENT SCREAM”, the film horrified the nation. It showed the fetus trying desperately to move away from the vacuum, and then its body parts were successively sucked off. The film produced a massive campaign of defamation agaist Dr. Bernard Nathanson from the liberal-minded.

    This only made him more determined, so he decided to show an abortion from inside the womb. He attached a camera to a Fetoscope and inserted it during a D&E abortion. The resulting film was “ECLIPSE OF REASON”.

    Abortion is the murder of babies ! When will this Holocaust end in Canada ?

    Our schools and universities are ” educating ” our children into Godless Darwinian Humanists and “Institutionalizing Atheism”. When will this also end in Canada ?

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