Helpers Need Your Prayers for Women Contemplating Abortions

Message from Helper’s of God’s Precious Infants….

Hello fellow Helpers,

I would like to ask to for some special prayers for Brigitte’s baby.  I had requested prayers for her and her baby a couple of weeks ago.  The appointment with the abortionist is scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday), so we need to pray.

Also, I received this in my inbox last week:

Heather, a friend from high school, is 4 months pregnant.
The baby’s father has just said that he’s not able to support them so she’s quite distressed. She has a 2-year old and is currently living with her parents in their small home. She’s been advised that abortion is the best option so that her older daughter will have a better life.

We also need to pray for Nathalie and her baby.  She is about 9 weeks pregnant.  The relationship with the baby’s father is a bit rocky and she feels isolated and is contemplating abortion.

Please pray for these three babies.

Also, we will be holding vigil on Bank St. on Thursday May 19th, please come if you can.  Even though these children won’t necessarily be brought there (we don’t really know where the abortion(s) are scheduled), this special sacrifice of leaving the comfort of your home to pray for unborn children is so important.

May God bless you,


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