Help Wanted: Solid Catholic Bishops for the West, Apply Immediately

Regarding Ireland, Weigel joins the ranks of those calling for “a wholesale replacement of the Irish hierarchy.” The idea has merit. But wouldn’t the same logic apply to the American hierarchy, which was found guilty several years earlier of the same gross mishandling of the sex-abuse crisis? (Source)

Indeed, but more to the point about Weigel’s article, where are these solid bishops going to come from?  Asia or Africa perhaps, because North America and Europe don’t exactly have a large pool to draw from.

Even today, what responsible Catholic father would trust anything any bishop in this country says about just about anything?   Need I remind everyone about Development & Peace (which is yet to be resolved and could be many, many years away after all of the socialist stick-handling in by-passing the controls is finished).  And of course, let’s not forget their complicity in promoting the gay sex clubs in our schools,  and that says nothing about the religious drivel our children are learning in these so-called “Catholic” schools.

Never mind Ireland, we need some solid bishops imported into this country.

I don’t think the bishops really understand how families work.  When dad’s so stoned or unable to defend the family, the kids pick up on that and start to look for someone to fill in the gaps.

Bishops:  you want to be fathers of the faith?  For the sake of your own salvation if not ours:  start acting like a father.

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