Hell’s Bible nails it, again!

Hell’s Bible, aka the New York Times, is no friend of the Catholic Church. That’s putting it mildly. Yet, they’re harbouring a renegade in their ranks, a columnist by the name of Ross Douthat.

Two weeks ago, this faithful Catholic man wrote a powerful article which incisively exposed what was really going down at the Synod.

In classic liberal fashion, a bunch of lefty theologians wrote an op-ed to the NY Times claiming that Douthat should be silenced. Funny how tolerance and freedom of speech can be so elusive for the Left at times.

Douthat has come back with a zinger of a rebuttal which takes the libs to school. He has a knack for breaking through the demagogy and exposing the stinking dung festering underneath.
I agree with everything he says. Everything.

Read the article, along with Fr. Z’s commentary, here.

2 thoughts on “Hell’s Bible nails it, again!

  1. God bless & keep Ross Douthat – as a lay Catholic who has difficulty in finding the correct words in debating a point, as I read his response my heart leaped ‘That’s what I wish I could say, he is 100% right, he calls out the heretics’ doublespeak!’ Thank you for posting this. It shows how the Truth cuts to the bone and makes the deceivers squirm – they can’t stand the Light.

  2. This is a good article about the leaders of our civilization.Where once our school teachers led students in The Lord’s Prayer,now many of our leaders compromise,and allow school teachers to indoctrinate children into believing promiscuous sex and homosexuality are normal behaviors.Their Ontario followers elect Liberal lesbians to rule over them and their children,as our Liberal Provinces teach this new Governmental sexology to malleable school children,as so-called human rights.What will these children grow up to normalize to their children.Is this really the new Western morality that is desired by our clergy and majority? The people elect evil representatives to rule.

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