Health dangers of artificial fertility treatments

Artificial treatments must be so tempting for a couple that ardently wants a child. But they can cause major problems, as witessed by Colleen Aitken’s case. Poor lady. I sympathize with her.

Struggling with infertility is not easy. These treatments are definitely not the answer. Ms. Aitken did manage to have two kids, but the damage to her was irreparable:

Ms. Aitken eventually received emergency surgery to remove her ovaries and staunch internal bleeding, leaving the resident of St. Thomas, Ont., unable to conceive, on hormone-replacement therapy and, according to Ms. Aitken, forced to abandon her public-health nurse job because of ongoing pain and other symptoms.

“There is just so much anger,” she said of her ordeal. “I wish I could go and take back what happened to me. … It has had a tremendous impact on my life.”


The report says emergency surgery found the adnexa — ovaries, fallopian tubes and surrounding tissue — were bleeding, very large and “grossly abnormal,” prompting surgeons to remove Ms. Aitken’s ovaries. Reports by pathologists at two London-area hospitals blamed the harm on ovulation drugs. (Source)

The article also explains how these treatments often result in “multiples”, which is the jargon for twins, triplets and higher. Everytime you read about a freak instance of a woman having six or seven babies at once, it was due to an artificial fertility of some sort. I bet that many of those “multiples” are unwanted and result in “reductions”, which is jargon for having one or more of these babies aborted so that only one baby is delivered.

Children are not commodities. Parents don’t have a “right” to a child. Such thinking is what gets us into this type of mess. Pregnancy “reductions” occur because a couple wants one baby, not two. So just like at McDonald’s, they cancel one order. Pure commodification of human life.

Take a step back and think about IVF objectively:

  • A man maturbates and ejaculates semen into some container.
  • A woman is sedated and has a bunch of eggs sucked out of her with a needle. Sometimes a woman is put on drugs beforehand to avoid complications of the procedure.
  • Doctors then generate a baby in the lab and inject him/her into a woman.
  • Miscarriages are common so the procedure has to be done several times until it sticks.

Manufacturing babies in a lab? Isn’t that gross? It’s like out of some horror/sci-fi movie.

Adoption is the only option. There wouldn’t be such a long waiting list for adoption if women didn’t have so many abortions. This whole thing could balance itself out without need for artificial fertilization or abortions. It just takes a bit of effort and organization.

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